Waves of Land Sample Library Released

Waves of LandUniversumkiosk has introduced Waves of Land, a sound library created by Ton Driessens for musicians, music producers, game designers, multimedia designers and commercial makers.

The library is available as a whole or in Sample Packs.

About the Library:

Waves of Land is divided into rhythmical loops, pads, single sounds and construction sets. Tempos are indicated and range from 80-140BPM. The overall atmosphere goes towards ambient.

The samples are not meant to provide hooks and leads, they are meant to innovate, to alter, to add an exotic flavour, a sonic signature to an otherwise clean mix, it can create a psychological tension for a movie or it can just trigger creative ideas.

Packs Descriptions


You feel yourself being pushed forward and you are moving closer and closer to the end of something, or the beginning of something. The atmosphere stays in the middle of good and bad. The rythme goes on steadily, thin metallic shakers give you the tempo, or are those whips ? The bass doesn’t feel bad although it hesitates and looks around quickly every now and then. The pads complement the ambiguety of this moment by modelling their frequency giving it all it rather cold metallic feel.


You are presented a breathtaking ritual of a hunting dance. The warriors master their impressive movements and give you the impression you are in the middle of a wild hunt. The rythme is energetic and has some slice sounding percussion, the bass underlines the accents while the pads replace the horns that call for the hunt.


This atmosphere is somewhat mysterious and stressing at the same time. Ambient sounds that are spacial and sacred, a running bassline that sets the tempo, a breathing sound and a rythme with small chain elements. A typical exploring feeling.


Overview of desert palace – Once brought inside the walls of a desert palace you are amazed by the splendour of this otherwise dark area. Glowing creatures lighten the mozaic floor and show you the way. A staccato rythme with a reverbant accent is accompanied by floating particles that form a pad showing you around in this enlightning place.


On your toes and don’t look around – Things are getting more dangerous here, the path you need to follow is dark and you need to walk on your toes to avoid being heard. The rythme has gone through an old amplifier, the bass is close on your back and adds nervosity. The airy pads are calling, singing, enchanting but may lead astray.


At last, you are brought to your restplace, but where is it? – While feeling relieved that everything went well so far, you keep having this sense of wonder what can be coming next as the land shows more of its surface. The rythme has a fast attack and short decay, the bass goes in waves along and the percussion has been eroded over the time. The atmospherical pads give you air but the drone behind makes you wonder if the air if the air is fresh.


Ship over dunes -Imagine yourself in an unknown setting, finding an empty ship that rides the waves of land ahead of you. A rythme that drives in waves, a propulsing bassline, pads with harmonics that faintly identify the things you see while taking this wonderfull journey.


Captivated, so how to escape? – Aargh, trapped! You find yourself blocked, things around you that come closer but rest invisible, all is too threatening. The rythme is hesitating, slightly voweling, a bit android. The bass rises the question of how to escape and how to do so quickly. The pads give you the feeling that this is not the best place to be. Walls are coming closer, or is it a giant creature breathing ?


Towards the welcome ceremony – You are being carried by local inhabitants that move or should we say groove slowly forwards towards the ceremony room. A happy groove that makes everyone wonder who you are. The funky rythme with the clapp recalls ancient dance styles and the breathing symbolizes the human amazement. The leading atmosphere keeps it all on a mysterious level but fades to a major feeling of satisfaction.


Unloading the cargo – You found yourself in a strange ship going to unknown territories. Now creatures and mechanical systemes start unpacking the cargo and all is shipped in different stocks. You hear a systematical rythme and other sounds going in different directions. The sounds are crisp, metallic and the set has a pushing feel.

Bonus pack 1 & 2

It happens all the time in movies: cut! Scenes are cut out, added, changed, or left for the director’s cut.

So yes, for music it is the same. You have finished you piece, but later on you are being asked to add a sequence, add a little sound to change subject or to complement the theme.

This bonus pack gives you the extra’s that may do the job while maintaining a strong individual personality.


Equipment used: Rode Nt1a microphone, Focusrite pre-amp, Lexicon hardware reverbs, Kurzweil K2500 synth, Roland XP-50 synth, Tc electronic Fireworx, Ensoniq DP4, Emagic EXS24 sampler, Native Instruments Absynth, FM7 and Kontakt, Soundforge, Stomper and numerous free plug-ins.

About Ton Driessens

Ton Driessens started out as a drummer and after some years he changed his acoustic drum kit for the electronic Roland TD-7 setup with an additional SPD-11 drum pad. This got him into sequencing and triggering other sounds than percussion. This new interest made him change his study and he went from industrial design to musictechnology in Hilversum (Netherlands). There he played less and less drums and got more and more into programming sounds and sound editing. He specialized in sound design and eventually got his certificate for sound design and multimedia composing. During his study he worked for Digital Music Media and this is where he got to know the world of sample cd’s. As a sound designer Ton never used any pre-recorded samples but he immediately recognized the potential of these cd’s for studio owners and people with no time or skills to program their own sounds or loops. It came as no surprise that Ton started creating his own library of sounds. At the same time Ton was creating new presets for the Tc Electronic Fireworx and these instruments were very useful to shape sounds and loops. As a drummer Ton often keeps an eye on the concept of “groove” and he likes to program loops in all styles. He is also active as a web designer and has delivered many background loops and sound fx on many sites over the years.

More information is available at the UniversumKiosk site.

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