Waves Intros Z-Noise Plug-In

z-noise box2006 NAMM Preview: Waves has announced the latest in its ongoing series of plug-ins: Z-Noise.

Z-Noise is not just a more precise version of X-Noise — it’s based on a new algorithm that reconceptualizes the way noise is treated. Z-Noise’s breakthrough features include dynamic noise profiling, innovative transient preservation and increased low frequency resolution.

Other noise reduction systems are limited by the restrictions of traditional band split methods. These limitations lead to smeared audio images that lack crispness and clarity. Z-Noise employs a brand new, “more musical” algorithm, which, according to Waves, delivers unparalleled low-frequency resolution and unsurpassed time sensitivity.

Z-Noise includes an array of features that make it ideal for removing tape hiss, ground hum and computer noise. It gives users the power to shape their results with pinpoint accuracy, using a familiar 5-band EQ interface. Real-time operation means audio engineers can fine tune the Z-Noise parameters and hear their changes on the fly. Plus, it features advanced adjustable transient detection and enhancement which removes noise while retaining all the power and punch of the source recordings. Z-Noise features an exclusive Extract mode as well as an innovative Adaptive mode which specializes in reducing noise that changes over time.

More information is available at the Waves site.

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