Add MIDI to a Speak and Spell

Here’s one for the benders & DIY’rs:

midi speak and spellHighly Liquid is offering MIDISpeak Module – Version 2, a talking toy MIDI retrofit for the Speak & Spell, Speak & Read, or Speak & Math.


  • Adds a standard MIDI IN port to your Speak & Spell, Speak & Read, or Speak & Math. Non-English versions also supported.
  • Trigger thousands of sounds–words, word fragments, garbled speech, percussion and bizarre sound effects.
  • Easy installation. Free technical support.
  • Installation service available.

Kit Contents:

  • Custom printed circuit board
  • Pre-programmed microcontroller
  • Standard MIDI jack
  • All required components and mounting hardware
  • Hook-up wire
  • Component color and appearance may vary slightly.

One thought on “Add MIDI to a Speak and Spell

  1. I have a speak and spell that I want to circuit bent with midi, 1/4 in jacks, knobs , switches, faders and son on. I want to max it out the speak and spell. I a, permanent disabled and confined to a wheelchair and I am learning digital music with daw and aAbleton live 9 and aAbleton push and an akai max 25 pro
    Can u please help me out. Spiro
    Tree for 7 563-5eight 4 four or [email protected] thank you Spiro

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