MXL Intros Two-Capsule Mic

MXL v67iMXL Microphones has announced the introduction of the V67i Dual Capsule Microphone.

Designed to provide a versatile instrument capable of addressing a wide range of studio applications, the new V67i is like having two mics in one, according to MXL, with the front side having a warm, lush sound, and the microphone’s back side simulating some of the brighter sounding vintage capsules characteristic of early 60s tube mics.

“As a line extension to our highly successful MXL V67g, the new MXL V67i leverages the latest microphone engineering technologies, and with its dual capsule design, is an incredibly versatile instrument capable of being used in a wide range of recording scenarios,” comments Wayne Freeman, MXL’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

Incorporating dual, large 1-inch gold sputtered capsules, the V67i’s front capsule is the same 6-micron capsule used in MXL’s popular V67g cardiod condenser microphone, while the back capsule employs a proprietary material that simulates some of the bright sounding vintage capsules of early 60s-era tube microphones. A red LED on both sides of the microphone (behind the grille) indicates which side is currently active and is useful in low light conditions. A Warm/Bright switch resides on the microphone’s front.

Like its V67g sibling, the new V67i has a gold grill and a dark green body. Unlike the V67g, however, the V67i features an improved solid state preamp with balanced transformer output to complement the instrument’s new and innovative design. As a solid-state microphone, the V67i requires no external power supply, nor does it take valuable time to warm up—as is common with tube microphones.

On the microphone’s back side, there is a –6 dB attenuation switch that enables the microphone to handle high sound pressure levels, along with a low frequency roll-off switch to compensate for proximity effect or to eliminate wind noise during outdoor recording.

The MXL V67i has a MSRP of $199 and is available now.

More information is available at the MXL site.

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