Cinema Volta: Free Daily Ambient Music Tracks

HobbsCinema Volta: Daily Ambience is a website that features a new free piece of ambient music each day.

The site is a project of musician John Maxwell Hobbs, who uses “a stack of electronic equipment, musical instruments in various states of disrepair and occasional collaborators” to create a new ambient electronic works.

Here’s how Hobbs describes the project:

As an exploration of ambient music and the limits of my own creativity, I will be composing and releasing a new song each day.

Sometimes these songs will be sketches, sometimes full-blown compositions, it all depends on my inspiration and my available time. This project began on 30 January, 2005 and will run for a year’s worth of songs. I hope you enjoy it.

The works are also available as a podcast, which can be subscribed to by adding this feed in iTunes or other podcast client:

Hobbs is an electronic musician based in Stockholm Sweden who has been working with computer multimedia and telecommunications for more than eighteen years.

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