SM Pro Audio Intros PM-8 Passive Mixer

PM 82006 NAMM Update: SM Pro Audio has introduced the PM8 Passive Mixer, designed for use with software multi-tracking and hardware synth users.

The PM8 is an 8 x 4 passive mixer/summing unit designed to help users of digital audio workstations achieve higher quality audio mixdown results. The summing and mixing features built into the PM8 allow users to avoid unnecessary A/D & D/A conversions commonly found in digital studios and thus attain extremely detailed mixes with superb stereo imaging and punch.

When multi-tracking with software, top studio producers and engineers around the world will almost unanimously opt for using a good hardware console for final mix-downs. This is because of the huge software challenges that are faced when it comes to modifying and merging multiple audio signals into a single stereo stream. Software summing just doesn’t cut it when compared to large format console summing, or passive mixing with units like the PM8.

The PM-8 merges up to eight analog channels into stereo pairs, with all the sonic depth and dynamics intact. Level control, panning, and muting controls give the PM8 the tools to deliver the sonic quality you would expect from a quality analog console. The PM8 also helps users integrate their trusty outboard reverbs, EQ units, vintage synths, and other audio equipment with their DAW projects without compromise. If you need more channels – you can just hook up another PM-8.


  • Creates exceptionally detailed mixes with clarity and punch
  • Achieves better stereo imaging
  • Sums 8 x channels of audio to two stereo output pairs
  • 8 x combo connector inputs
  • 25 pin DSUB input connector (compatible with Digidesign’s/Protools hardware pin arrangement format)
  • 2 x stereo (4, Master 1 pair, Master 2 pair) XLR balanced outputs
  • 2 x stepped attenuator controls for accurate level adjustment
  • Internal power supply (110v – 230v switchable)
  • Ground pin connector

When Danny Olesh (Product Developer) from SM Pro Audio was asked about the new PM8 release he said, “Engineers have known mixing in software alone has some serious limitations. Our new passive mixer helps users get the best from both worlds. They can continue to get great features from their digital multi-track recording software whilst mixing down without compromise through the PM8″.

More information is available at the SM Pro Audio site.

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