Put Your Audio in a Jumbo Jet

Audio Ease has released a set of jumbo jet interior acoustics for Altiverb, the convolution reverb of Audio Ease.

The samples are available at audioease.com for unrestricted demo download for a limited time, so you can listen to your audio in the cockpit, the passenger cabins or on the lavatory of a jumbo jet.

Aviodrome Museum in Lelystad, NL made available their Boeing 747 to Audio Ease for one recording afternoon. Between 1978 and 2003 this airplane was known as 747-206B(M)(SUD) PH-BUK, and it was in the air 17 hours a day on average.

This release fits into Audio Ease’s recent focus on the expansion of its Audio Post Production library. Recent post pro additions include the acoustics of 20 European car interiors, the limestone Caverns of Howe NY, Antwerp sports stadium, and a set of samples recorded through walls, floors and closed doors of a house.

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