Edirol Intros R-09 Portable Recorder

Edirol Portable RecorderAt the 2006 Winter NAMM Show, Edirol introduced the R-09, a streamlined field recorder, featuring 24-bit uncompressed recording and a built-in stereo mic.

Edirol describes the R-09 as “a serious, top-quality professional recorder with time-stamp capability.” It can record stereo audio at 24-bit resolution with either 44.1 or 48kHz sample rates. It can record and play back in MP3 format, also (up to 320kbps).

Files can be monitored through the R-09’s headphone jack or exported to a computer via USB.

A stereo microphone is built into the unit, complete with a dedicated input control, mono/stereo selector, low-cut filter, and gain boost. The R-09 also offers a 1/4″ mic input.

The R-09 is designed for recording live music events, recording lectures and replacing cassette field recorders.

Source: Edirol

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