Behringer Intros Master Keyboards

Behringer Controller KeyboardBehringer announced at The NAMM Show 2006 the UMX series of master keyboards – U-CONTROL UMX61, U-CONTROL UMX49 and U-CONTROL UMX25.

All three of the keyboards in the UMX series feature full-sized velocity-sensitive keys, 10 programmable MIDI controllers and eight user-set control buttons. Each UMX keyboard comes with 50 software instruments plus Ableton Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition and a USB/Audio interface to allow playing straight out of the box – in the studio as well as on stage.

Other features of the UMX series include:

  • Compact USB/MIDI controller keyboard with USB/Audio interface
  • Full-sized velocity-sensitive keys (U-CONTROL UMX61: 61 keys), (U-CONTROL UMX49: 49 keys) or (U-CONTROL UMX25: 25 keys)
  • Freely assignable modulation wheel, Volume fader and sustain foot pedal port
  • Eight high-resolution rotary controls plus eight assignable switches
  • Octave tone range via the octave shift function (U-CONTROL UMX61: 11-octave), (U-CONTROL UMX49: 10-octave) or (U-CONTROL UMX25: 8-octave)
  • Separate MIDI Out
  • Plug-and-play with Mac OS X and Windows XP
  • USB cable

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