Gemini Debuts CFX-20 Pro CD Player

CFX 20 NAMM 2006 Winter Show: Gemini announced the new CFX-20 Professional Slot-Loading CD Player, the latest in their line of tabletop CD Players.

Gemini has fitted the CFX-20 with a Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheel that responds to the slightest touch. Users can control the current track by placing fingers on the center jog wheel plate, rolling it forward, or rolling it back, just like a piece of vinyl.

The Jog Wheel is also capable of switching between Jog Mode and Pitch Bend mode, which is toggled through a convenient button located to the top right of the Jog Wheel and controlled by the outer ring of the Jog Wheel itself.

The CFX-20 also comes equipped other special features including two 8-second Sampler Banks, three programmable Fly Cue Points, Seamless Loop capability, BPM counter, Key Lock, and up to 100% variable pitch control. Other features include Single Auto-Cue and Continuous Play Modes, three Time display modes, rotary Brake control, and 10-second Anti-Shock protection.

The new CFX unit has a list price of $479.99 MSRP

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