M-Audio Intros Trigger Finger / Live 5 Bundle

M-Audio Trigger Finger Live BundleNAMM 2006 Winter Show: M-Audio announced the availability of the Trigger Finger / Live 5 Production Bundle—a combination of M-Audio hardware and Ableton software in one package.

“We have so many customers using Trigger Finger and Live 5 together that we decided to bundle them as a special offer for a limited time,” says Adam Castillo, M-Audio’s marketing director. “The combined power of this hardware/software bundle has truly changed the way many electronic musicians work. The bundled price makes it possible for even more people to experience this new production paradigm.”

The M-Audio Trigger Finger and Ableton Live 5 have both earned top kudos in electronic music production circles—and are frequently used together. Trigger Finger’s 16 touch- and velocity-sensitive pads are ideal for triggering sounds and programming beats in Live clips and tracks. Its eight knobs and four sliders—all MIDI-assignable—are also great for controlling filters, effects and other parameters in Live. The Trigger Finger also has a pre-programmed map for Live 5, so assignment is a snap. It can even be powered from the USB bus on a laptop for truly mobile production.

Live 5’s award-winning features include intuitive operation, the ability to automatically conform segments of different tempos to the master project tempo, changing pitch and tempo independently on the fly, linear and clip-based recording, real-time resampling, numerous unique built-in effects and much more.

The Trigger Finger / Live 5 Studio Bundle is currently shipping for a limited time and carries an MSRP of $748.95 US.

More information is available at the M-Audio site.

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