Digidesign Ships Synchro Arts VocALign PRO

NAMM Show Update: Digidesign is shipping Synchro Arts VocALign PRO, a new and more powerful version of the VocALign automatic audio alignment tool. VocALign PRO provides audio, post production, and multimedia professionals the greatest flexibility and power to quickly complete audio alignment tasks — automatically, within the industry-standard Pro Tools environment as an AudioSuite plug-in or as a stand-alone application. VocALign automatically stretches or compresses one audio signal to match the timing patterns of another.

VocALign PRO introduces advanced new features that offer improved accuracy, sound quality, and ease of use. New preview controls allow you to listen to sections or all of the signals before and after alignment, individually or together. User-defined Sync Points let the user target audio alignment at specified pairs of points in two signals. A protected signal block feature allows users to protect sections of the replacement (or Dub) signal from being time-compressed or expanded during alignment.

VocALign PRO also provides a longer maximum signal length for processing up to five minutes of audio at a time. No matter how much audio is processed, a new, more sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm increases alignment accuracy.

VocALign PRO provides a fast, easy way to synchronize dialog to video, dub foreign language films, tighten Foley and sound effects tracks, align double-tracked vocal or instrument parts, synchronize a drum machine to a real drummer’s performance, or achieve a perfectly lip-synched performance for a music video.

VocALign PRO Features

  • Simple operation and seamless integration with Pro Tools software as an AudioSuite plug-in
  • Optional stand-alone operation
  • User-defined Sync Points
  • Protected signal blocks
  • Up to five minutes of processing
  • Re-usable alignment path
  • Comprehensive audio preview
  • Improved TimeMOD, mono and stereo, linear Time Compression/Expansion mono and stereo process

More information is available at the Digidesign site.

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