Interesting New Blog: Squeezytunes

OndioLineSqueezytunes is an interesting new blog that covers electromechanical and mechanical keyboard instruments (ie. not modern synthesisers), including all types of organs, squeezeboxes, pianos, even Ondiolines (see photo, right).

No synth coverage, but interesting pre-synth stuff and oddball weirdness, too.

2 thoughts on “Interesting New Blog: Squeezytunes

  1. hi there,let me first congratulate you on your excellent informative website.
    i have a very old flutina ? that has 24 mother of pearl keys(all intact) on 2 rows. 3 spoons which are lever operated, one large for air and the other 2 smaller ones for bass and chords. it has ‘A ‘ stamped on the side which represents the key for the outer 12 keys.the inner keys appear to be sharps and flats.all notes are working and the bellows have no comes complete in a wooden box that has a key.the facing on the treble side has inlaid brass and tortoiseshell with a beautiful pattern in various colours.can you possibly tell me the make and approximate age of this instrument.
    many thanks Dennis

  2. I have a 120 bass accordion I believe is from World War I. It is all wood, curly maple, has four sets of treble reeds three are turned the same, the fourth is tuned one octave lower and has a palm switch. The is no air release and the straps are mounted on the outside. There are no identifying numbers on the inside. Can anyone identify this instrument?

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