Various – Loud Frequency

Various Loud FrequencyIsrael isn’t well known for it’s trance. However, if Loud Frequency, a compilation CD from Drugless Records, is representative, this may soon change.

Drugless is a full-on psychedelic trance album that brings together tracks from nine artists. The tracks are all fairly long, with the shortest, Alive Substance, at nearly seven minutes. The track lengths make this feel like a collection of good twelve-inch singles, rather than a mix.

Several tracks stand out, including G-light’s Alive Substance, Eliss’ Karin, and the album starter PsyTekk Vs Danny’s Mentalic. Mentalic mixes metal guitars with trance, to great effect.

Overall, the CD features a lot of variety within the trance genre, but still feels cohesive. The tracks are well-matched, throughout, making this an ideal CD for trancing-out.


  • PsyTekk VS Danny – Mentalic
  • Zodiac – Effective Signal
  • G – Light – Alive Substance (another mix)
  • Zodiac – Ediroll
  • Cosmic Station- Ohm vision
  • Night Creatures – Esc
  • Narkotix – Red Label
  • Optokoppler – Sie nannten ihn locke
  • Ananda Shake – Fucking time …
  • Eliss – Karin

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  1. Israel isn’t well known for its trance? lol, and here I thought it has been one of the epicenters for it (especially for psychedelic/goa trance) since very near the genre’s inception.

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