Synth Module Design Contest

blacet moduleBlacet, a manufacturer of modular synth gear, is looking for synth module ideas.

John Blacet explains:

“We have an extreme excess of Multi panels (do to a series of unfortunate events!). Rather than toss them, perhaps someone out there can figure out a module that would use *only* the existing holes (we can strip and rescreen the printing).

There are 5 jack holes and one pot hole (shown at right). You don’t have to draw up any schematics; just figure out the general purpose and label the panel.

I don’t know what the prize will be yet but it will be something good, depending on the “brilliance” of the concept. I reserve the right to forget the whole thing if no one comes forth with anything useable!”

Send entries to blacet at with “Blacet Contest” in the subject line. You can send a .jpg and/or a written description.

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