Zendrum MIDI Controller

zendrumAt several booths at the recent 2006 Winter NAMM Show, we saw demonstrators using the Zendrum MIDI controller to trigger percussion virtual instruments.

The Zendrum is a cool, trigger-laden controller. They atart at about $1200, and have several options for custom finishes.


The Zendrum is a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) triggering controller designed by drummers to allow musicians to express their creativity in rhythmic and intuitive ways. However, the Zendrum can trigger ANY sound via MIDI, so it is much more than drums yet as easy to play as tapping your desk with your fingers. Unlike a keyboard, there are no moving parts to break or wear out. It is a handcrafted instrument carved from fine woods, assembled and tested by the inventors. Each Zendrum is a work of art, manufactured with careful attention to detail and high quality.


  • Body Solid rock maple and exotic hardwoods in solid paint finishes and clear wood stains
  • Triggers 24 velocity-sensitive, shock mounted
  • Note Maps 16 user-definable set-ups
  • User Interface 4-way cursor switch
  • Momentary sustain switch
  • Power On/Off switch
  • Display 3-digit, 7-segment LED
  • Global Parameters MIDI Volume 0-127
  • MIDI Channels Global 1-16
  • Program Change 0-127
  • Bank Select 0-127
  • Noise Floor 0-127
  • System Exclusive Receive (MIDI IN)
  • System Exclusive Send (DUMP)
  • Copy Set-Up 1-16
  • Restore Defaults 1-16
  • Trigger Velocity Scope VU meter
  • Variable Velocity Response Curves 1-7
  • Trigger Parameters Note Number 0-127
  • 4-way Crossfade Notes 0-124
  • MIDI Transmits on each of 16 MIDI channels, one channel per global set-up
  • Ports MIDI IN
  • Sustain Pedal IN
  • External Trigger IN
  • Power 12vdc power/merge box sends Power to Zendrum via 5-pin active MIDI cable (supplied)

More information is available at the Zendrum site.

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