The R. A. Moog Demo Record

Moog has an MP3 of the original Demonstration Record for the Moog 900 Electronic Music System.

You can preview the Moog demo below.

The Microgroove 10″ vinyl disk was produced, composed and realized by Walter Carlos, as a Trans-Electronic-Music-Production.

The disk is dated, but provides an interesting historical perspective on the state of electronic music in 1968.

3 thoughts on “The R. A. Moog Demo Record

  1. I actually came across one of the original 10″ vinyl copies of this when cleaning out my parents house recently. They had no clue it was a collectors item, and were about to throw it out!!
    Anyone got a clue as to what it might be worth? Not that I’m set on selling it, but now I’ve piqued my parent’s interest.

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