Blacet Extreme Excess Modular Synth Design Contest Update

blacet module

John Blacet sends an update on his extreme excess synth module design contest.

Blacet recently announced a contest to solve an interesting design problem: create a synth module with a predetermined panel layout:

“We have an extreme excess of Multi panels (do to a series of unfortunate events!).

Rather than toss them, perhaps someone out there can figure out a module that would use *only* the existing holes (we can strip and rescreen the printing).

There are 5 jack holes and one pot hole.

You don’t have to draw up any schematics; just figure out the general purpose and label the panel.

I don’t know what the prize will be yet but it will be something good, depending on the “brilliance” of the concept.

Give synth fans a difficult problem, offer them something vague in return, and what do you get?

In this case, dozens of module designs.

In fact, it looks like Blacet may need to have a few more unfortunate events in order to have enough excess panels to produce just a few of the designs.

Clock whoreThe suggested designs include:

  • A clock module
  • A gate delay type of thingy (that’s modular synth talk)
  • The dragon whisp
  • Materioptikon (Phase anti-cancel)
  • Haaspertame (Haas effect stereo sweetener)
  • Source of only a little certainty, or “Wogglito”
  • MultiTap Splitter
  • Simple VCO
  • VC Quadrature Generator
  • A clocked random pulse generator
  • Micro Frequency Divider
  • Chord generator
  • and just about anything else under the sun.

The proposed designs are available for review at the Blacet site.

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