Two More Releases from Big Fish

Big Fish Audio has released two new audio libraries, The Rhythm Station and Rush.

big fish rhythm stationThe Rhythm Station

The Rhythm Station features over 400 live drum and percussion loops, kinda jazzy, kinda hiphop, kinda light.


Need a new drummer? One with some fresh, original grooves you haven’t heard before? Check out the Rhythm Station with over 400 live drum and percussion loops. These well played grooves range from 64 to 134 bpm and feature tight, dry and funky sets, scratchy beats and processed kits. With an emphasis on raw and natural sounding drums, these kits are perfect for R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, African, Latin, Brazilian, Reggae, World Beat and more. With a clean, live, original acoustic sound, you won’t find a set with these kind of grooves anywhere else. The real acoustic feel your looking for is in The Rhythm Station.


  • 473 Various Drum Loops and Fills
  • Tempos range from 64bpm to 123bpm
  • 30 Folders of different drum grooves

Grooves include:

  • Afro Swing
  • Afro Straight
  • Aqua
  • Behere
  • Brazil
  • Craze H
  • Drive
  • Funky
  • Funky Samba
  • HafnHaf
  • Hip A
  • Hip B
  • Hip India
  • Hip Master K
  • Hip Me
  • Hip Raw
  • Hip Rute
  • Hip Samba
  • Hop
  • Island Funk
  • Lizard Brush
  • Master K
  • O Well
  • O Well Hip
  • Rim Groove
  • Tales
  • The Blues
  • Time
  • Watltls
  • Rich and Ambient Live Miked Piano Loops

Format: Apple Loops, REX, WAV

Retail: $49.95

big fish audio rushRush


If you’re looking for a sub-conscious state of electronic, hypnotic rhythms and sounds, then what you want is progressive House and Trance, and what you need is a RUSH! Get ready to experience the blood-pulsing, heart racing rhythms and melodies of trance like you’ve never heard it before. From ethereal synths to driving bass, all the material you need to get your tracks into the biggest clubs is right here. These construction kits offer you the full mix, breakouts and drum hits from each kit in REX2, WAV and Apple Loops format. Over 1.3 gigs of pure adrenaline, plus a bonus folder of 420 extra drum hits and loops. You need RUSH.


  • 2.9 GB ON DVD IN 3 FORMATS (1,085 .wav files totaling 1.3 GB of WAV content)

Construction Kits

  • – 15 construction kits in a variety of keys. Each kit includes the full mix, breakouts and the drum hits from that kit


  • – Bonus folder of 420 drum hits and loops

Pitched Instruments

  • – 223 loops, hits and pads in various keys and tempos


  • – 194 different sound effects

Formats: AIFF, Apple Loops, REX, WAV

Retail: $99.95

More information and audio demos are available at the Big Fish Audio site.

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