Giant Multi-Touch Sensor

Multi-touch screenvia Axehole: Fans of the JazzMutant Lemur Touch-Screen Control Surface will want to take a look at this video of multi-touch interaction experiments on a large-screen monitor.

The video comes from Jeff Han, a consultant at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences’ Department of Computer Science.

According to Han, ” My research interests have historically been real-time computer graphics and real-time computer vision, but I’ve taken on a more recent focus on human-computer interfaces and machine learning.”

From Han’s site:

“We’ve been experimenting with a wide variety of application scenarios and interaction modalities that utilize multi-touch input information. These go far beyond the “poking” actions you get with a typical touchscreen, or the gross gesturing found in video-based interactive interfaces. It is a rich area for research, and we are extremely excited by its potential for advances in efficiency, usability, and intuitiveness. It’s also just so much fun!”

“Our technique is force-sensitive, and provides unprecedented resolution and scalability, allowing us to create sophisticated multi-point widgets for applications large enough to accomodate both hands and multiple users.”

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