New Sound Synthesis Technology Announced by Symbolic Sound

Symbolic Sound has announced that it has developed a new technique for morphing, warping, and synthesizing sound in the Kyma sound design environment. The Tau and its accompanying graphic editor provide tools for creating natural sounding multi-way audio morphs, insane transmogrifications (is that BT talking?), and mysterious synthesized effects.

Symbolic has posted a page of audio samples. Don’t miss the Planet of Intelligent Dogs.

The Tau Editor

Tau editor

Sound designers can use the new Tau Editor to push, pull, and tweak the timing, amplitude, frequency, and formant envelopes of one or more sounds while listening to the results in real time. Mix, morph, or cross-synthesize sounds with the touch of a button. Use the mouse or a Wacom tablet pen to graphically warp any parameter of the sound.

Press the Record button to capture your real time transformations on disk for later editing. Or press the Galleries button to instantly create an entire sound library of Kyma patches based on the sounds in the editor—ideal for quickly exploring the world of possibilities inherent in each combination of files or for creating multi-way keymapped morphs for your MIDI keyboard, Wacom tablet, or Continuum fingerboard.

List of features

In the Tau Editor you can:

  • Time-align multiple files
  • Match or transform the frequency, amplitude, and formant envelopes of files
  • Morph across two, three or more sounds
  • Record your real time transformations on disk for later editing
  • Create an entire library of synthesis patches at the touch of a button (Galleries)
  • Test the mix and morphing combinations in real time as you are editing
  • Analyze a new sound by simply dragging it and dropping it into the editor
  • Morph without time-smearing or “robotic” comb filtering effects
  • Edit with complete freedom, knowing that you have unlimited undos

Symbolic Sound’s Kyma sound design software is known for its sound morphing capabilities. Now Kyma users have even more options and tools to assist them in as they go out in search of the perfect audio morph.

Pricing & availability

The Tau is included in Kyma X.3, the latest update to the world’s most advanced sound design environment. Kyma X.3 is now available free to registered Kyma X owners.

Kyma X.3 runs under Macintosh OS X (on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs), Windows XP, and Windows 98/ME/2000 and Macintosh OS 9.2.

More information is available at the Symbolic Sound site.

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