Blacet Announces Synth Module Design Contest Winners

Blacet Panel Design ContestJohn Blacet has announced the winners of the Blacet Too Many Panels Design Contest.

Blacet recently announced the contest, to help deal with his “extreme excess of Multi panels”. Budding synth module designers were challenged to make a useful synth module that used 5 jack holes, and one pot hole.

The Winners:

There were about 50 entries. According to Blacet, “There were 17 ideas that were of the “scanner/switch” type module, so that really begs for a new product. Two other modules, phase shifted waveforms and sample/holds also were popular. In the end, I had to pick some intriguing modules that made me wonder what they would do or even if they were possible.”

  • The Grand Prize ($100 Blacet Gift Certificate) goes to KH’s “Phase Spread Module”.
  • The Runner Up ($50 Blacet Gift Certificate) goes to D’s “SHHH, Sample and Hold and Hold and Hold Module”
  • Honorable Mentions ($25 Blacet Gift Certificate) goes to:
  • PL’s “Haaspertame Module”, MMG’s “Xpander Module”, PW’s “Clocked Random Pulse Generator Module”,
  • M’s “Three Input Scanner Module”, and CC’s “Headphone Amp Module”.

Details are available at the Blacet site.

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