Rhythmicon – Feedback Machine

Rhythmicon Feedback MachineRhythmicon’s Feedback Machine is a mini-CDR release of experimental electro-acoustic music. The three tracks on Feedback Machine combine synth, saxophone, theremin and extensive electronic processing.

The release captures a live event featuring Carya Amara on electronics and Hypnotique on theremin and sax.

“The organisers of the event had asked performers to accomodate feedback from the audience – and Rhythmicon took the request literally,” note the artists. “Noise from the audience was, for once, encouraged: these reactions were electronically processed in real time and fed back into the performance.”

The three tracks vary widely, but are held together by their consistent instrumentation. In Part 1, a driving synth sequence provides a framework upon which Hypnotique creates a freeform sax solo. Further depth is added by delays and additional processing, sometimes making it sound like a bizarre sax duet.

Part 2 starts with the sound of the audience clapping. This slowly turns into processed effects, out of which the sound of a theremin emerges. This track is the longest, at about six minutes, and is the most satisfying. It has an aggressive, industrial edge to it, but balances that with moments of delicacy.

In Part 3, metallic noises and drones, along with sequenced percussion, create a backdrop for alternating sax and theremin improvisations. The theremin sections, especially the final improvisation, are the most interesting because Carya Amara’s sounds and Hypnotique’s theremin blend so effectively.

You can find this release at the Earthrid site, along with MP3 samples of the tracks.


  • Feedback Machine Part 1
  • Feedback Machine Part 2
  • Feedback Machine Part 3


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