Behringer Releases New Products

Behringer has announced that several of the items that it announced at NAMM are now shipping.

The items include:

The DUAL A/B SWITCH AB200 is designed for use with products that
have external control functions such as guitar amplifiers, keyboards,
rhythm machines, lighting products etc. It allows easy switching
between two input signals into one output or vice versa (eg switch
between two guitars using one amplifier or two amplifiers with one

The ULTRA-DI DI400P and ULTRA-DI DI600P are high-performance passive
direct injection boxes designed to provide impedance and signal
matching for the direct connection of instruments to amplifiers and
mixers. They convert unbalanced line-level signal to balanced mic-level

The EUROLIVE B212 and EUROLIVE B215 are two-way, PA sound
reinforcement speaker systems for live and playback applications.
Ultra-compact and lightweight, the systems deliver excellent sound even
at extreme sound pressure levels.

The MICROAMP HA400 is a four-channel stereo headphone amplifier
designed for use with all types of headphones. With four high-power
stereo amplifiers, a high sonic quality is assured even at maximum
volume levels. The product also comes with an Output Level control for
each channel; ultra low-noise 4580 operational amplifiers; and a DC
12-volt adapter.

The MICROMIX MX400 is an ultra low-noise four-channel line mixer
that provides a high sonic quality even at maximum output levels. The
product also comes with an Input Level control for each channel; ultra
low-noise 4580 operational amplifiers; and a DC 12-volt adapter.

The MICROHD HD400 is an ultra-compact two-channel hum destroyer that
removes AC hum and noise. It breaks ground loops safely, while
maintaining a high sonic quality. The product automatically converts
unbalanced to balanced signals without any signal loss, and also comes
with two ¼?€ TRS inputs and outputs for two mono or one stereo signal.

The MINIAMP AMP800 is a headphone amplifier system that boasts four
totally independent stereo high-power amplifier sections. A high sonic
quality with virtually all types of headphones is assured even at
maximum volume levels. The product also comes with two balanced stereo
main inputs with independent Level and Balance controls for individual
mixes; dual headphone outputs on each channel on front and rear panels
(to allow a total of eight headphones to be connected at the same
time); and Parallel Link Output for cascading of several headphone

The MINIMON MON800 is a stereo monitor matrix mixer with a Talkback
Mic. The Talkback section has an internal microphone and allows
comprehensive routing options. The product also comes with a dedicated
input section with four selectable and mixable stereo inputs; high
power phones output with dedicated Level control; three selectable
stereo speaker outputs with separate Level controls; and Mute, Dim and
Mono functions for flexibility and phase check.

The MINIMIX MIX800 is a karaoke machine with a voice canceller to
effectively eliminate vocals from any stereo source while retaining
most music elements. Equipped with an integrated digital echo/reverb
processor in 24-bit/40 kHz resolution for voice enhancement, it has two
independent mic channels with Level controls and Clip indicators for
level adjustment. The product also comes with a dedicated two-band EQ
for vocal enhancement and sound shaping and stereo Line Inputs/Outputs
for connection to CD, MP3, tape recorder etc.

The MINIBEAT BEAT800 is a dual-beat counter with integrated phono
preamps that have line inputs for turntables, CD players etc. It is
also equipped with two BPM counters with Tempo Difference indicator,
and Beat Assist and Sync Lock functions.

The MINIFBQ FBQ800 is a nine-band graphic equaliser with FBQ. Its
FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals critical frequencies
and can be used as an Audio Analyser. Additional Low Cut filter removes
unwanted frequencies, eg floor rumble.

The XENYX mixing consoles available for sale include the XENYX
1202FX, XENYX 1002FX, XENYX 1202, XENYX 1002, XENYX 802 and XENYX 502.
These mixing consoles offer up to 12-input, two-bus mixer with XENYX
mic preamps and neo-classic ?€œBritish?€ two- or three-band EQ.

Features include:

  • Premium ultra low-noise, high headroom analogue mixer
  • Up to four XENYX mic preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps
  • Neo-classic ?€œBritish?€ two- or three-band EQs for warm and musical sound
  • Main mix outputs plus separate control room, phones and stereo CD/tape outputs
  • CD/tape inputs assignable to main mix or control room/phones outputs
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

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