Sonic Studio Ships Low Cost Premastering App

Sonic Studio today announced the release of their newest premastering application, PreMaster CD. The product is now shipping to distribution worldwide.

PreMaster CD is a simplified version of Sonic Studio?€™s
professional premastering application, SonicStudio?€?DDP. PreMaster CD
combines ease of use with low cost, and it runs natively on the secure
and user friendly Mac OS X. The application combines Sonic Studio?€™s
famed editing capabilities with the NGC interface and SSE real time
audio engine for the finest fidelity money can buy.

PreMaster CD addresses the lack of high end premastering
functionality in products aimed at a general audience. Rather than
disguising low fidelity with a ?€œpro?€ name, PreMaster CD focuses on
professionally addressing the poorly understood task of premastering
with the same marking engine found in Sonic Studio?€™s more
comprehensive products. An improved user interface makes the arcane
task of PQ and CD Text definition even easier than prior products.

For final replication, PreMaster CD relies on the same format as our
professional products, the DDP or Disc Description Protocol. PreMaster
CD creates DDP version 2 file sets, along with ?€œCD refs.?€ These
CD-DA?€“formatted recordable Compact Discs are created in the
background, so as to not tie up a costly workstation.

PreMaster CD carries an MSRP of $795 and is available now both on?€“
line at Sonic Studio?€™s web store and through an international network
of distributors and channel partners who share Sonic Studio?€™s
commitment to quality and service.

More information is available at the Sonic Studio site.

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