Iio – Poetica

Iio is a NYC-based dance duo that hit the charts in 2001 with the disco-flavored Rapture. The track was a hit and popular remixes were released by the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Deep Dish and Paul Van Dyk.

After disappearing from the scene for a few years, Vocalist Nadia Ali  & producer Markus Moser are back with their debut CD, Poetica. According to Iio, Poetica represents a mix of poetry and electronica. The CD is a clever mix of electronic dance rhythms, sultry vocals and lyrics that are cut above the average club fare.

Poetica is primarily made of up disco and house tracks, but there are a few downtempo tracks, including the slow-jam Smooth and the abstract Poetica. Highlights of the CD include the singles Rapture and At the End, early singles , and Tantric, which has an interesting middle-eastern vibe. Throughout the CD, Moser delivers quirky, original production.

Iio’s Poetica shows that Rapture was no fluke – the CD is a collection of club-friendly tracks that features lyrics as stimulating as the beats.


  • Rapture
  • At the End
  • Smooth
  • Runaway
  • Kiss You
  • Chastity
  • Tantric
  • Rebel
  • Is It Love
  • Be It
  • Give It Up
  • Hangin On
  • One
  • What a Way
  • Poetica

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