Bebel Gilberto – Bebel

Four years ago, Bebel Gilberto’s Tanto Tempo was a surprise hit, bringing bossa nova rhythms to electronica fans and a mainstream audience. The late DJ Suba produced most of the CD, and he brought an adventurous production style to the CD, helping to make it a must-have.

Gilberto is the daughter of bossa nova pioneer Joao Gilberto, who came to prominence when Bebel was just a baby. The music on Bebel reveals a deep appreciation for the work of her father and other bossa nova pioneers.

The tracks are a mix of classics and new songs, many composed by Gilberto herself. Her songs are very traditional – some sound like they could join the bossa nova classics. The songs, arrangements and performances work together to give the CD a timeless quality.

Like her previous release, Bebel is a very “produced” album. However, while Tanto Tempo put the production up front and gave the electronica elements prominence, Bebel‘s production is more subtle.

The music on Bebel is just as lovely and interesting as her earlier album, but has a more traditional sound. It’s an excellent album; it just has less of an electronic feel than its predecessor.

What it does have is a sensual mix of restrained vocals and traditional jazz arrangements. Electronic effects and programming are part of many of the songs, but on this CD it’s the icing, rather than the cake.

Bebel is languid and hypnotic. It moves Gilberto’s music away from the more electronic bossa nova sound that Suba brought out on her last album, and towards a more traditional sound. As a result, the CD should appeal to more traditional jazz fans, without putting off her electronica fans.


  • Baby
  • Simplesmente
  • Aganju
  • All Around
  • River Song
  • Every Day You’ve Been Away
  • Cada Beijo
  • O Caminho
  • Winter
  • Ceu Distante
  • Jabuticaba
  • Next To You

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