Various – Reinterpretations

Reinterpretations is an interesting compilation from Kanpai Records that features electronica artists doing remixes or reinterpretations of classic tracks by new age electronic music artist Kitaro.

For over nearly thirty years, Kitano has been creating relaxing new age music, using a combination of synthesizers and traditional instruments. On Reinterpretations, the artists take several approaches to reworking Kitaro’s music. Some of the artists take a remix approach, changing the mix or adding instruments to help bring Kitaro’s music to a new audience. Other artists use Kitaro’s music as a jumping off point, and create tracks that sound more like collaborations than remixes.

The CD includes twelve tracks, including tracks reworked by DJ Peas, Appoggee, Turbotit, Timmy the Terror, Inside the Sun, Audio Moe, Occidental and Stephen Hauptfeur. Kitaro fans will be happy to know that the artists stick close to the mood of the originals, with most of the remixes taking Kitaro’s new age tracks and giving them more of a chill-out vibe.

What’s most interesting about Reinterpretations is how the original Kitaro songs bring a cohesiveness to the compilation, even though each electronica artist brings a different voice to their remixes. Some tracks sound more like remixes, like Audio Moe’s Crystal Tears, Timmy the Terror’s Shizuku 2.0 or Inside the Sun’s Theme from Silk Road. Others seem more tangentially related to Kitaro’s music, like Peas’ Beat Break or Low Pass Dub. Nevertheless, the album flows together well, and the result is an interesting collection of chilled-out tracks.

The relatively conservative approach taken by the artists on Reinterpretations helps the CD feel coherent, but also means that listeners wanting more challenging or innovative reworkings will be disappointed.

Reinterpretations is a must for Kitaro fans, because the tracks take Kitaro’s music into new territory, and they have a relaxing vibe not far from the original tracks. The CD should also appeal to fans of downtempo or chilled out electronica. It can be enjoyed without any knowledge of Kitaro, and may help introduce a younger generation to his music.

  • Crystal Tears – Audiomoe
  • Michi – Turbotito
  • Theme from Silk Road – Inside the Sun
  • Beat Break – Peas
  • Shizuku 2.0 – Timmy the Terror
  • Kuu – Appogee
  • Tienshan – Occidental
  • Shizuku – Inside the Sun
  • Low Pass Dub – Peas
  • Mercury – Inside the Sun
  • Fairy of Water – Occidental
  • Cocoro – Stephen Hauptfuhr

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