New Site Creates Music Podcasts by City

podbopPodbop is a unique search engine/podcast combination that lets users search for music events and MP3s by city.

As the site puts it:

Old way: Looking up concerts in your town on an event site, googling
100 different bands, tracking down an MP3 for each band, and then
deciding which show you want to go to.

The Podbop way: Type in a city, get MP3s, discover a band you like, and go see them.

The site creates podcast feeds for search results, letting users subscribe to a podcast of music for towns that they are interested in.

The site promises to be a useful tool for finding music based on where it is being performed, and also a way for artists to promote their work and performances.

Podbop pulls events tagged with “music” from Eventful and integrates them with a database of bands and MP3s.

The site is encouraging bands and labels to contact them with their information, in order to provide more complete search results.

Source: Podcasting News: Podbop

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