Free Electribe ES1 Editor

Electribe ES-1 EditorSmartNamer, an Windows application now beta, is a free sample manager for the Korg
Electribe ES-1. The Korg Electribe ES-1 is a sampler/step-sequencer with build in effects.

The ES-1 uses SmartMedia for saving and loading memory and loading samples. The ES-1 only recognises samples which are named 00.wav to 99.wav. SmartNamer handles renaming and organizing samples for saving to libraries for the ES-1.


  • Copies samples from your PC to SmartMedia while renaming them to 00.wav till 99.wav, which the ES-1 recognises.
  • Remembers the original sample names. (In the ‘names.txt’ file on SmartMedia).
  • Copies and names bank files (.es1) the same way as samples.
  • Renames and deletes samples and bankfiles.
  • Auditions samples when they are doubleclicked.


SmartNamer is distributed as “sampleware”. Use the program for free;
if you like it, share your samples or music you create with the author.

More information and the free download are available at

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