New Music Controller Based on Relativity

Samchillian Experimental Music ControllerEitan Shefer, an industrial designer fresh out of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, has published an interesting video of his graduation

The project is for a music controller called the Samchillian, described as a musical instrument based on relativity.

The instrument uses the concept of keys representing relative notes, rather then fixed notes (as in a piano).

“The challenge was to make a product, which would be aesthetic, ergonomic and could be used on stage. Since this is a new and an unusual type of musical instrument a lot of thought went into defining an new iconic shape but one which still comunicates as a musical instrument.”

A video is available that provides a great introduction to the concept and details of the controller.

The controller is based on the ideas of Leon Gruenbaum, who invented the Samchillian Tip Tip Cheeepeeeee, a strange instrument with one of the greatest names ever.

Here’s Gruenbaum’s description of what a Samchillian is:

“It’s a keyboard that has no fixed tones associated with each key.
On a normal instrument if someone wants to hear a particular sound,
they press a certain key. Every time you hit that key you hear that
same note. But I had a different idea. With this instrument, it’s
possible to descend a series of notes with just one key. For example, I
have some keys prepared for G pentatonic [This is of course one of many

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