Sex Update: Jessica Vale Hits Charts

The Sex AlbumJessica Vale sends word that her first single, Disco Libido,
has climbed to #18 on the Billboard dance play charts, and is expected to climb higher. Synthtopia interviewed Jessica Vale last year when she released her indie debut, The Sex Album.

?€œStarting your own label to promote your own record is the music business equivalent of being thrown into the thick of battle without the benefit of boot camp,?€ says Vale. ?€œBut each accomplishment feels truly your own.?€

The Sex Album was released Oct. 2005 and is available nationally in stores. It features music composed entirely out of sonically manipulated recordings of live sex. It is not meant to be pornographic; rather it was created to explore the use of sounds, making an innovative release that maintains a musical sense.

“The trend in music today is to look at sexuality on a safe, superficial level, when what most people experience is anything but that,?€ says Vale. ?€œI wanted to make an album that dug a little deeper than most pop music. We composed the music from processed sex recordings to punctuate the subject matter and to create a unique, lush sound-scape.”

With a newly assembled five piece band, Vale has hit the road. The live show features material from The Sex Album reworked into a new format incorporating both live instruments and sounds originating from the initial sex recordings.

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