Is DJ Barry Manilow the Future of Electronica?

dj barry manilowFollowing the success of his latest album, The Greatest Songs Of The Fifties, Barry Manilow is already working on his next release, and he’s listening to a lot of electronica.

Manilow is “loving the work of artists like Underworld and Basement Jaxx right now, and would even love for an electronic artist to take one of his songs and rework it into a brand new track.”

While Manilow would like to embrace electronica, he’s not so sure his fans will be as receptive.

“My favourite music these days is electronica and if I had my way, I would make an electronica album, but nobody would buy it,” he laughs.

“I would love to do a classical album, but nobody would buy it. So I think what I’m going to do is follow Clive (Davis)’s advice again and do a follow-up to this fifties album, and do a sixties album. That’s what I’m working on right now.”

via Axehole

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