Kid Nepro Releases MIDI MIX CD as Download

Kid Nepro has released their Midi Mix AIFF/WAV CD as a downloadable file.

Description: Ever wonder what it sounds like when you hook up a Motif to a Triton? Or how about a Voyetra-8 to a Super Jupiter or a Prophet-5 to a Wavestation? Well so The Patch King and the results are pretty awesome. Something wonderful happens when you combine the warmth of a vintage analog synth to the clean digital sound and multi effects of a modern workstation. The results are an amazing collection of sounds that The Patch King calls “Midi Mix”.

Midi Mix is packed with over 500 megs of sounds. All multi sampled for easy keymapping into your hardware or software sampler. The collection contains samples from over twenty five of the best synthesizers released over the past three decades. All sounds are sampled from Kid Nepro’s custom made sound libraries and then layered together to create unique textures. The collection is filled with Pads, Basses & Leads, Synth Sounds and Special Effects.

More info and MP3 demos can be found at the Kid Nepro site.

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