ReMOTE SL Goes Live

Novation RemoteThe ReMOTE SL keyboard has been updated to become what Novation is calling “the ultimate hardware controller for Live 5.”

Compatibility with Live 5 is just one of the features within the latest software update for the ReMOTE SL. Now, with an SL keyboard
connected, you can have total, hands-on control over a session in Live 5. The Mixer and Transport controls are immediately available, with
every effect and plug-in mapping automatically to the ReMOTE’s controls when clicked on screen.

There’s good news for Cubase and Logic users too as the same software installer (which can be downloaded free from the downloads page of the Novation website) also features version 2 Automapping for Apple Logic 7 and Steinberg Cubase SL/SX 3. This means that both applications now have full mixer and instrument support.

Ableton Live 5

With Live 5, the right-hand side of the SL fascia can be used to
control the mixer functions with the LCD above showing track names,
volume, pan and send data. The top buttons can be used to punch tracks
in and out, while the bottom ones are used to arm tracks for recording.
For instruments and effects, as soon as you select a device in Live?€™s
GUI, it will automatically map to controls on the left side of the SL.
The LCD details which parameter is mapped to which control. The
remaining buttons, knobs and trigger pads are used for navigating
around the Ableton grid or are available as free assigns.

The Automapping installer requires Ableton Live version 5.0.5 or later.

Apple Logic 7

Version 2 of Logic?€™s Automapping has dual modes to control plug-in
instruments and Logic?€™s mixer. In Mixer Mode the sliders control
track levels with the buttons below selecting solos and mutes. The left
side of the SL controls panning, record arming, sends and track
selects. The scroll up/down buttons to the right of the screens move
between banks of tracks. In Instrument Mode, these scroll buttons
select individual MIDI tracks, choosing which instrument or effect to
control. The device?€™s parameters are then automatically mapped to the
SL?€™s controls with each parameter clearly displayed on the SL?€™s
giant screens.

Logic Automapping requires version 7.1/7.2 or later.

Cubase SX/SL 3

As with Logic, Automapping in Cubase has two modes: Instrument and
Mixer. The first turns the ReMOTE SL into a generic VST control surface
with its sliders, encoders and pots mapping to each VST in the
instrument rack with just one button press. In this mode, the
parameters are assigned logically (Automaps for popular VSTs have all
been created) so that switching between instruments and their various
controls becomes second nature. In Mixer Mode, the SL?€™s sliders
control track levels with the buttons below controlling mutes and
solos. Meanwhile, the controls to the left modify routing, FX sends,
EQs, panning, record arms and track select. The LCD screens even
display individual track metering whilst the session plays!

Cubase Automapping requires version or later.

In addition to these updates, the ReMOTE SL also Automaps with
precision and style when connected to Reason 3 and Nuendo 3, with more
applications on the way.

Price and availability

The latest SL Automapping installer is available now as a free download from the Novation site.

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