Learn Your Future….From Vangelis

Now you can learn your future from Vangelis.

No, not Vangelis, the Oscar award-winning synthesist and composer of the score for Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner and dozens of albums.

Vangelis, the specialist in superstitions, the meaning of flowers and names, dreams and remote viewing. Visitors to his site can get a dream analyzed for $15, or try remote viewing, for $120.

For free, Vangelis explains the meaning of names.

“It is within reason to suppose that a name whose significance is
favourable can exert an auspicious influence over its owner,” notes
Vangelis, “while the bearer of a name which is sordid or evil in its
association may be handicapped in his moral and spiritual development;
in time, therefore, the name may materially affect the character of the
person who bears it.”

The meaning of Vangelis’ own name? “Conception. Artistic, romantic, enterprising. Creation of original ideas and methods.”

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