Japan May Ease Ban on Vintage Music Gear

Vintage electric guitars, amps, movie projectors, and photographic enlargers are just some of the goods to be exempted from a Japanese ban on the sale of electrical equipment without the PSE mark, according to the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry.

The PSE law, called Tenka no akuho da! (the worst law ever) by some, promised to ban the sale of vintage music and audio gear, and was widely criticized by musicians in Japan. People looking for a cheap TB303 or vintage guitar, on the other hand, may be disappointed.

The proposal for the easing of the ban on sales of equipment made prior to 1989 is to be finalized by Saturday, with the ban on selling uncertified used electrical equipment to come into force on April 1.

The ministry had originally intended for the ban to be implemented in stages for electrical goods that did not bear the product safety of electrical appliances and materials (PSE) mark.

But following the initial announcement of the ban, the ministry was met with an uproar from secondhand dealers and antique lovers. The ministry reconsidered the ban, admitting it had not done enough to sufficiently inform the public of the new system before it went into effect.

In the end, the ministry decided it would relax the sales ban for vintage electrical goods made or discontinued by 1989. They could easily be placed outside the PSE regulations if certain conditions were met, including bearing the safety mark issued under the old Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law.

Via Axehole: Japan May Ease Ban on Vintage Music Gear; No Cheap 303?€™s for You!

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