Brian Eno Releases Video Paintings as DVD

In the 1980’s Brian Eno experimented with video painting, creating an interesting collection of work that few people were able to see. A new DVD collection has been released that features Eno’s work from that era.

14 Video Paintings is comprised of two separate works (“Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval
Manhattan” and “Thursday Afternoon”) created in the early ?€˜80s by Brian Eno for art gallery exhibition only.

Viewers are presented with a series of slowly evolving “video paintings,” with “Thursday Afternoon” focusing on the human figure and “Mistaken Memories” on the Manhattan skyline.

The music for “Thursday Afternoon” is a different version than what appears on Eno?€™s album of the same name, while the music that accompanies “Mistaken Memories” comes from two of his ambient albums (On Land and Music For Airports) and features an unreleased track.

Don’t expect any action in the videos. Eno applies his ambient sensibilities to video, creating work that can be viewed like a painting or ignored.

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