Precisionsound Releases Monzter Guitars II for HALion/Kontakt/Gigastudio.

Monzter Guitars IIPrecisionsound has introduced Monzter Guitars II, developed to assist producers get that massive “Wall Of Guitars” without the need for a really good guitar player and killer engineering skills.

All those really good guitar players and killer engineers that are out-of-work know who to thank!

The library contains multisampled “Fifths”, “Fourths”, “Majors”, “Minors”, “Single notes” and “Effects” both in separated programs and as a key switched program to instantly change articulations on the fly
in your sampler.

All articulations has long notes with release samples in 2 velocity layers and staccato notes in 3 velocity layers, each half note has it’s
own unique samples.

Gear Used:

  • Guitar: Gibson Explorer 1994 with Gibson pickups with Planet Waves leads
  • Amplifiers: Engl Fireball (modified by T. Folkesson)
  • Mesa/Boggie Dual Rectifier, Peavey 5150 MK1,
  • ENGL cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
  • Microphones: Shure SM57, Senheiser MD 421
  • Preamps: Neve 1272, Manley Massive Passive
  • Converters: Cranesong Hedd 192 with pentode and tape

The total amount of samples (WAV files) is 615 divided into 7 programs.

Monzter Guitars II costs $75 (+$11 if you want it on CD).

Details are available at the Precisionsound site.

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