Brian Eno Roxy Music Rumors Unfounded; Collaboration with Paul Simon Coming Soon

A recent rumor about Brian Eno joining Roxy Music for a reunion album are apparently unfounded:

“This untrue and just in-good-faith wishful thinking from the journalists,” according to a
statement a the Enoweb site. “Brian has no involvement with the band’s current recording or tour plans. All that happened was that Brianpopped in to visit the members of the group when they were in the studio. Hearing of this, some journalist somewhere decided that it is a truth.”

Brian Eno Paul Simon SurpriseEno has been working with Paul Simon on his latest CD, Surprise. The 11-track album will be released May 9th on Warner Bros.

Track list for Surprise:

  • How Can You Live in the Northeast
  • Everything About It Is a Love Song
  • Outrageous
  • Sure Don’t Feel Like Love
  • Wartime Prayers
  • Beautiful
  • I Don’t Believe
  • Another Galaxy
  • Once Upon a Time There Was an Ocean
  • That’s Me
  • Father and Daughter

brian eno 77 millionEno also has a new art exhibit opening. Here’s a description, via Mark Alberding at Enoweb:

There are three interconnected rooms, each containing different
configurations of screens displaying images generated by the 77 Million
program with soundtracks that could fairly be described as “typical Eno
installation music”.

The first room has subdued lighting sufficient to view a few
cibachrome prints, presumably printed from the electronic artwork,
interspersed amongst the variously sized screens. The second room is
darker, has more screens and a very large video projection screen
showing the images. The third room is completely dark and has a wall of
different sized screens arranged in a pyramid shape and set above a
mirrored floor. This room has benches so you can sit down and watch the
images unfold, which they do v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

In fact, when you first enter the first room it isn’t very obvious
that the images are changing, so slow and subtle is their movement.
Eventually, with more concentration on single screens and a slowed down
approach to viewing the artwork, the gradual transformations of the
images becomes apparent. The overall effect is very meditative and
truly illustrates, as Eno writes in the program notes (on the wall)
that “TV is the movement of light in time.” Sitting for some time in
front of the pyramidal wall of monitors in the third room was deeply
relaxing yet stimulating at the same time, if that doesn’t seem to

A special limited edition CD (numbered edition of 1000) is available
at the museum. Also, the 77 Million Paintings program is for sale in
advance of the 4/29 official release. I bought a copy and installed it
on my PC. The program creates video/audio in the style of the
installation in a generative fashion, i.e. the video and audio
combinations never repeat, with 77 million being the number of possible
permutations generated. I haven’t had time yet to watch it much but it
seems to work fine. The audio is generative for PCs and G5 Macs but not
for G4s due to processing limitations, according to the liner notes.

Video is available via a 77 Million mini-site (Japanese).

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