Musikmess Update:Riffworks to Include Amplitube LE

Sonoma Wire Works and IK Multimedia plan to bundle IK?€™s AmpliTube LE with RiffWorks Standard.

“Sonoma Wire Works is excited to partner with IK Multimedia.
AmpliTube LE is a great-sounding and easy to use guitar amp and effects
plug-in that will enhance the experience of RiffWorks recording
software,” says Doug Wright, President of Sonoma Wire Works.

“Partnering with Sonoma Wire Works to include AmpliTube LE with
RiffWorks Standard, is a great opportunity for IK to introduce our
guitar amp and effects modeling plug-in to RiffWorks customers who are
looking to get a start at using the amazing tone and customization that
is achieved through our highly acclaimed AmpliTube software.” says
Enrico Iori, CEO of IK Multimedia.


Several new recording features have been added in version 2
including new RiffLink online collaboration technology and
RiffCaster?„? one- click podcasting capabilities. With the addition of
AmpliTube LE, the RiffWorks community can access awesome amp models,
effects, and a built-in tuner, giving them a wide variety of killer
tonal options.

The award-winning AmpliTube guitar amp and effects processing
plug-in has become a valuable resource for guitarists, producers, and
engineers looking to add creative effects and processing to their
music. From lush, warm vintage tones to cutting-edge sonic dynamos,
AmpliTube LE puts the power of a half stack on the desktop.


RiffWorks Standard version 2 will be Mac OS X compatible with any
Core Audio device. It will be available as a universal binary for Intel
Macs and has been optimized for Intel SSE and SSE2. RiffWorks Standard
version 2 continues to work with Windows XP, and will now work with any
ASIO interface.

Pricing and Availability

RiffWorks Standard version 2 is currently in beta and will be
available soon. Pricing is to be determined. Users of RiffWorks
Standard version 2 bundled with AmpliTube LE qualify for discounted
upgrades to the full version of AmpliTube 2.

*Pricing, availability, features, and technical specifications subject to change.

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