Jon Jenkins – Beyond City Light

Beyond City Light is another great CD from Spotted Peccary Records. If you’re not familiar with the label, check out the Spotted Peccary podcast. It features music and interviews from musicians on the label.

Beyond City Light is gorgeous collection of ambient/space music tracks from Jon Jenkins. The music on Beyond City Light is uplifting and warm, but not without having a little edge of mystery and wonder. The tracks range from more ambient/space music pieces, such as The Calling, or Deep Sleep and Dying Embers, to the more new age sound of Zzyzx Road. There’s even a bit of Berlin-school sequencer work on Through City Light.

The music is primarily electronic, but Jenkins adds wordless female vocals, guitars, wind instruments and a variety of percussion, expanding the music to more of an orchestral feel. The electronic orchestration throughout the CD is worth noting. Jenkins uses a fantastic range of lovely sounds, and even when he adds electric guitar, it’s with great subtlety.

Jenkin’s Beyond City Light is an interesting collection of ambient/space music tracks, and should appeal to fans of artists like Michael Stearns, Kevin Braheny and Steve Roach.


  • The Calling
  • Zzyzx Road
  • Through City Light
  • Secrets Of The Virgin
  • Legacy
  • Deep Sleep And Dying Embers
  • The Source
  • Sky Of Surrender
  • Through Different Eyes
  • Forever

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