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komposi003komposi003 is the third compilation from Positron! Records, and features tracks from Aizome, Amish Rake Fight, Atomica, Bounte, Micronaut, Milkfish, s.sturgis, and Scanalyzer. It also includes the debut of “The Things You Do” by Eric Powell’s new project, Graphic, Chris Randall’s first solo song, “Be There Tonight,” as well as the last Sister Machine Gun song, “Sink.”

The CD is great collection of electronica tracks and will introduce most listeners to some artists they haven’t heard before. While the CD jumps from style to style, (Genre = Unclassifiable in iTunes), it’s all creative stuff, and a refreshing alternative to standard remix collections and four-on-the-floor dance compilations.

In fact, you’ll find a surprising variety of beats and styles on the CD. Amish Rake Fight turns in a jazz influenced techno number, Artist With a Thompson, which combines stand-up bass and trumpet with jagged machine beats.

The track gets the CD off to a great start, but there are many more highlights. Milkfish’s Shame is glitch-filled but grooves; Bounte reworks 80’s-tronica with Going Nowhere; and Chris Randall contributes a vaguely Floyd-esque rock walts, Be There Tonight.

Atomica’s Airways is another waltz, putting Lauren Cheatham’s gorgeous vocals over a mix of jazzy keyboards, drums and weird electronic goodness. Sister Machine Gun wraps up the CD with Sink, a scorching techno song.

All in all, komposi003 starts strong, hits a lot of highpoints and closes strong, showcasing some great new talent along the way.

The CD is $10.00 via Positron Records, and is licensed for podcasting, sampling and file-sharing.


  • Amish Rake Fight: Artist With A Thompson
  • Milkfish: Shame
  • Bounte: Going Nowhere
  • Micronaut: Quartz Clock
  • Chris Randall: Be There Tonight
  • s.sturgis: euphondisson (micronaut reassembly by Chris Randall)
  • Atomica: Airways
  • Aizome: Terminal
  • Scanalyzer: Culture Shock
  • Graphic: The Things You Do
  • Sister Machine Gun: Sink

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