ChannelStrip for GarageBand Released

Metric Halo has introduced a new product, ChannelStrip for GarageBand, at the Musikmesse trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Metric Halo’s ChannelStrip, originally a TDM plugin exclusively, has
been an integral part of the sound of myriad Grammy-award winning, Gold
and Platinum records, hit TV shows and blockbuster movies. The first
plugin to bring classic large format console-style channel strip
processing to Pro Tools TDM, ChannelStrip has been the critical tool
for getting “the sound” for thousands of professional recording
engineers, composers and musicians worldwide.

Apple’s GarageBand has opened up new opportunities for music makers
and podcasters to take advantage of the sonic goodness of ChannelStrip,
and Metric Halo is making 100% of the features, presets and power of
ChannelStrip GB available for only $89.

The ChannelStrip for GarageBand package includes the
GarageBand-specific AU plug-in, more than 120 general purpose
ChannelStrip presets, and the GarageBand specific “channel strip file”
presets to optimize both software instruments and entire mixes.

While ChannelStrip for GarageBand is the complete ChannelStrip
signal processor with all the professional presets we ship with the
full-blown ChannelStrip TDM that we sell for $699, ChannelStrip for
GarageBand will only run within GarageBand, the plugin will only run in
demo mode within other AU hosts. Upgrade paths are available for users
who would like to use ChannelStrip AU within other host applications.

ChannelStrip for GarageBand includes online support only. Telephone
support for this product is unbundled and will require purchase of a
support incident. As with all of our products, bug-fix and
compatibility releases are available for free online.

More information and fully operational 12-day demos are available from Metric Halo’s website at

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