Korg Updates Legacy Collection – Digital Edition

Korg is offering its second free upgrade for the Legacy Collection Digital Edition suite of software synthesizers and effects.

The new Version 1.2 release includes a significant upgrade to the
WAVESTATION software synthesizer Filter Resonance. This feature has
been long sought after by WAVESTATION hardware and software users and
is available for free to all registered KLC-DE users.

To take advantage of the resonant filter, 50 new Performances, 35
new Patches, and 32 new Wave Sequences are included in the WAVESTATION
Version 1.6. Saving and Loading by Bank has also been added, greatly
simplifying sound management. The M1 has been revised to Version 1.51
including some small bug fixes.

All registered Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition users can download WAVESTATION Version 1.6 free of charge at http://www.korguser.net as part of the Korg Legacy Collection Digital Edition Version 1.2 update.

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