Cakewalk Announces Dimension Pro Update with Intel Mac Support

Cakewalk has announced a free update for Dimension Pro
software synthesizer for Mac and PC. The Dimension Pro 1.2 Update will
be available early April 2006 as a free download to registered
Dimension Pro customers.

Dimension Pro 1.2 Update Highlights:

  • Intel Enabled Mac Support ?€” Dimension Pro 1.2 is
    a Universal application, which means it?€™s designed to run natively on
    the latest generation of Intel-based Mac Systems, along with
    PowerPC-based Macs, and Intel-based and AMD-based PCs.
  • RTAS Support ?€” Dimension Pro now provides native
    plug-in support through RTAS for Pro Tools 7.0 and above (Mac) and Pro
    Tools 6.0 and above (Windows).
  • x64-capable DXi format ?€” Dimension Pro?€™s
    updated DXi plug-in runs natively in SONAR 5 on new Windows XP
    Professional x64 Edition and Intel EM64T and AMD x64 chipsets. In
    addition to increased processing performance under x64, a primary
    benefit to Dimension Pro?€™s x64 implementation is the access of up to
    128 GB of RAM which will allow for more simultaneous instances of
    Dimension Pro running larger program banks.
  • REX support ?€” Dimension Pro can now load REX
    format loops, as well as .sfz format grooves files in any element, in
    addition to the standard .sfz multisample format
  • Microtuning and Alternate tuning with Scala file support
    ?€” Dimension Pro can now load native Scala .scl microtuning files.
    Scala is a powerful freeware software tool for use of alternative
    musical tunings, such as, equal and historical temperaments, and just
    intonated, microtonal, macrotonal, and non-Western scales. Dimension
    Pro allows each element in a program to use a specific microtuning
    definition, so multiple microtuning sets can be used in a single patch.
  • MIDI Learn ?€” Adding to Dimension Pro?€™s
    advanced MIDI control customization features, users can now assign any
    knob on screen to any MIDI controller event, including Aftertouch and
    Pitch Bend. In addition, multiple controllers can be assigned to a
    single parameter or vice-versa.
  • Master FX ?€” New reverb algorithms have been
    added to the Master FX section providing seven reverb modes on output:
    Small Room, Mid Room, Large Room, Small Hall, Mid Hall, Large Hall and
  • Insert FX ?€” The new reverb modes have also been
    added to the Insert FX section. Additionally, a distortion algorithm
    has been added, letting you warm or degrade your sounds with textures
    ranging from gritty to screaming.
  • Copy/Paste Element FX ?€” Dimension Pro now allows you to copy/paste Insert FX settings between Elements.


The Dimension Pro 1.2 Update will be available early April 2006 at the Cakewalk
site as a free download to registered Dimension Pro customers.
Dimension Pro has an estimated street price of $249 U.S., and is
available at select music and sound retailers. Project5 Version 2
customers can upgrade their version of Dimension included in Project5
to Dimension Pro for $99 U.S.

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