Mstrkrft – The Looks

Mstrkrft’s debut CD, The Looks, is a fun set of robo disco tunes, full of electro beats, vocoded vocals and catchy hooks.

Mstrkrft’s sound is not far from Daft Punk’s. In fact, if you were disappointed by Daft Punk’s last CD, you may find Mstrkrft filling the void.

Throughout The Looks, the lyrics are simple and repetitive. The focus here, though, is on getting your ass dancing, and if you have a dance bone, Mstrkrft is going to work on you.

Highlights of The Looks are Work On YouEasy Love and Bodywork, each of which you’re likely to be hearing in clubs for years. The tracks are built on retro-80’s drum programming, funky analog keyboards and basslines and catchy vocoded choruses.

Also worth noting is the unusual packaging, which has cool 70’s style collage graphics, and has die-cuts and openings to reveal more freaky patterns.

This video for Work On You provides a taste of the Mstrkrft style:

If you just can’t get enough of disco vocoder, Mstrkrft has got you covered.


  • Work On You
  • Easy Love
  • She’s Good For Business
  • Paris
  • The Looks
  • Street Justice
  • Bodywork
  • Neon Knights

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