Griffin Intros Mac OS X Automation Software

Griffin, a maker of accessories for iPods and Mac computers has introduced Proxi, software that allows you to create your own OS X shortcuts and improve productivity. According to Griffin, “It simplifies complicated tasks for you as an intermediary among various parts of your system, or even your network.”

Proxi gives you a single, versatile interface within which you can configure several of your Griffin devices, define custom hot keys, monitor Mail, iChat, and RSS feeds, execute repeating tasks… and much, much more.

griffin proxi

Mac OS X on Steroids

Proxi gives owners of AirClick, PowerMate and Radio Shark powerful new features to enhance and customize their hardware. Users can their own applications for use with AirClick, use multiple PowerMates in a single application or fine-tune Radio Shark.

Use AirClick to control Front Row. Have a custom message pop up when a buddy is online. Pulse the PowerMate when your favorite RSS feed is updated. Send an email when an item is added to a folder. Hide from your boss in iChat.

Programming for Everyone

Proxi is built with beginners in mind but with enough meat for
hardcore hackers. What makes Proxi so powerful is the concept of
Triggers and Tasks.

A Trigger is a Proxi component that sets in motion a task or series
of tasks. A Task is a Proxi component that performs an action when
triggered. A set of linked Triggers and Tasks, together, compose a
Proxi “Blueprint”: a complete set of instructions that tells Proxi how
to perform a task for you.

Proxi comes with a library of useful Blueprints to get people
started, but, according to Griffin, “you will soon be setting up
triggers and tasks of your own within Proxi’s easy-to-use, drag and
drop interface.” You can also view online tutorials on Griffin’s

Triggers and tasks can be configured in unlimited combinations,
allowing you to control and monitor a wide range of system and hardware
events in whatever manner suits you best. Proxi comes with a library of
useful Triggers and Tasks:

Included Triggers

  • ?€? AirClick
  • ?€? PowerMate (multiple PowerMate support — up to 127 of them!)
  • ?€? Monitor a folder for additions/deletions
  • ?€? Assign hot keys
  • ?€? Monitor iChat for buddies’ status
  • ?€? Trigger an event based on a change in iTunes status
  • ?€? Monitor Mail and RSS feeds
  • ?€? Monitor Skype
  • ?€? Voice Recognition
  • Included Tasks
  • ?€? Run an application
  • ?€? Set your message, status and icon in iChat
  • ?€? Control iTunes
  • ?€? Perform a keyboard command or system action (volume, brightness, contrast, eject, power key, etc.)
  • ?€? Launch an application
  • ?€? Open a file or URL
  • ?€? Control the PowerMate light (or a whole bank of them)
  • ?€? Display a screen message
  • ?€? Scroll windows
  • ?€? Play a sound, speak a message
  • ?€? Write a file

Share your Shortcuts

When you develop a useful Blueprint, Proxi makes it easy to share:
just send it to a friend. Proxi features a Blueprint Browser, which is
always being updated with cool, new Blueprints. You can also join in
the Proxi community, share new Blueprints, Tasks and Triggers, and get
support and tips on the Proxi Support Wiki.

Not So Secret Agent

Download Proxi in beta and start building your own Blueprints today.
Submit your BluePrints to the Proxi Support board; if they are chosen,
Griffin will reward you with cool gear, and possibly add your
submission to the Blueprint Browser built into Proxi for all to enjoy.


The Proxi beta preview is free and now available. Griffin would like to invite you to test the preview. The final version will be out in May, and will be a free download.

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