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Thomas DolbySynth pioneer Thomas Dolby has started blogging, and proving that he?€™s not just a guru of music, he?€™s using WordPress, the popular open source blog application.

“Modern blogging has all sorts of new ways for guys to jerk off,” notes Dolby, “but I will try hard to refrain from doing that here”

Dolby, a five-time Grammy winner, has been making synth music for more than 30 years. He’s best known for his songs She Blinded Me with Science and Hyperactive.

Dolby’s blog provides an interesting insight into the life of an electronic music artist.

“In 2006, the new horizon for music is the Internet. And I don’t mean MP3 piracy, which is old news by now. It’s taken a long time to arrive, but I feel the true Internet music revolution is finally upon us. I’m talking about musicians having the ability to reach out to their fans and make music in close to real time, in their own back room, while never having to put themselves in hock to large corporations.

“I believe we’re about to enter a fascinating new era for musicians and music fans, and I want a front row seat. So I’m putting
my enterpreneurial activities behind me, and going back on the road. This is just the first step before embarking on new songs I’m feeling a strong need to reconnect with my original music and my core fans, who (unbelievably!) have never stopped arguing about my songs and lyrics, even with the total dearth of fresh material. Certain music has the ability to become part of the fabric of your life, and it’s something you never outgrow. This tour will be a way for me, as well as the audiences, to rekindle the old excitement. Getting road-ready is a complicated process, but it’s fun as hell. I’ll be recording some of the process here on my blog. Hope you enjoy it!”

Dolby is also on his Sole Inhabitant Tour.

via Axehole: Synth Pioneer Thomas Dolby Blogging

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