Samplerobot Update Announced

Skylife has announced an update for the sampling software SampleRobot. The new WaveRobot software for professional loop editing is fully integrated. SampleRobot version 2 comes with WaveRobot already included.

Sample Robot

New in Version 2

  • WaveRobot (fully scalable wave editor for professional loop editing)
  • Improved interface design (coloring, workflow, hide-panels)
  • MIDI capture function (With this function activated all played note
    velocities and all incoming MIDI controller information will
    automatically be captured in the Multi-Sample section allowing perfect
    MIDI remote control of all sound sources.)
  • MIDI Note In display (All played notes are now displayed on SampleRobot’s virtual keyboard.)
  • Comprehensive copy functions for Multi-Samples (Now it is possible
    to combine Multi-Samples from different projects to create huge layer
    sounds and velocity-splits.)
  • ChessRobot (This game makes waiting during recording a lot easier
    since you can play a nice game of chess in the meantime. ChessRobot
    runs independently and offers different challenge levels.)
  • New additional display resolution 1280×1024 supported
  • Minimize display option (450×300 pixels) with full editing capabilities
  • Optimized Note-In recognition
  • Optimized ASIO playback (no more clicks when stopping wave or tuning oscillator playback)
  • Optimized VSTi recording (secondary audio buffer implemented)
  • Optimized Autoloop recognition (now usually about 15 times faster)
  • Numerous additional improvements in detail


Users who bought SampleRobot after April 1st, 2006: free of charge
All other SampleRobot version 1.x users: about 40 EUR (incl. VAT) The
MSRPs for the SKYLIFE SampleRobot Box:

  • EU: 299 EUR (incl. VAT)
  • UK: 199 GBP (incl. VAT)
  • US and World: 299 USD (plus VAT)
  • SampleRobot full version’s price (Download) is 289 EUR/ 329 USD.

More information is available at the Samplerobot site.

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